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Case Study – Arden Lea Nurseries

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  • 2500 pots labelled per hour in 2012
  • 5000 pots labelled per hour in 2013
  • Pin-point labelling accuracy on over 1.75 million pots
  • A first class, reliable solution and another happy customer

Arden Lea Nurseries are one of the country's largest commercial bedding plant growers, with several sites in the renowned horticultural area of Hesketh Bank, Lancashire. Having supplied many of the country's largest retailers with a wide variety of plants for many years, they approached Kelgray Products in the late autumn of 2011 to discuss the potential of integrating one of our dedicated Plant Pot Automated Labeller's into their production processes.

Arden Lea's business with B&Q was growing and they had a requirement to label in excess of 600,000 pots during the coming season, this would have been expensive and time consuming with traditional hand application methods. The increasing demands of retailers for improvements in product presentation meant that an automated labeller from Kelgray Products was the only sensible solution, to not only complete the job efficiently, but also ensure all labels were applied in a uniform manner.

The first single headed labeller was installed in January 2012 and ran faultlessly throughout the 2012 season. The labeller allowed Arden Lea to quickly apply labels at a rate of up to 2500 pots per hour ensuring pin point accuracy and uniform label placement on each and every pot.

Nick Taylor, director at Arden Lea commented: "Without Kelgray's automated labelling solution we would have required a significant labour force to achieve the same throughput and certainly could not have guaranteed the level of label placement accuracy achieved."

B and Q logoFor the 2013 season Arden Lea were chosen as the sole supplier to B&Q nationally for all their pot bedding. This resulted in an order for in excess of 1.75 million pots. Arden Lea quickly realised that this would be beyond the capability of the single headed labeller and contacted Kelgray to discuss options for the increased productivity requirements.

Kelgray Products worked closely with Arden Lea to determine the exact requirements and recommended a twin headed solution, similar to the existing system, however in effect doubling output. This would allow Arden Lea to connect the automated labeller to the output of a "Hortec Javo" potting solution. This system dispenses 2 pots at a time, side by side, giving a potential for labelling up to 5000 pots per hour.

Nick Taylor remarked: "Having realised the benefit of the single headed solution provided by Kelgray for the 2012 season, an additional system was the obvious solution to our significantly increased requirements for the forth coming 2013 season. We were certain that Kelgray could deliver for us once more, as the original solution proved 100% reliable, something many technical pieces of equipment struggle to achieve in the harsh and ever changing nursery environment. Kelgray did not disappoint, installing the new labeller as specified, on time and with ease, exceeding our expectations. Kelgray Products were able to deliver a quality product with first class service yet again."

About Arden Lea Nurseries

  • Arden Lea is one of the country's largest commercial wholesale plant nurseries, with several sites in the renowned horticultural area of Hesketh Bank, Lancashire.
  • They supply many of the country's largest retailers with a wide variety of plants for all seasons and have worked tirelessly over the years to be in the strong market position that they are in today. Millions of plants are produced each year by Arden Lea, all of the highest quality that retailers have now come to expect.

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